PONY Certification

Is there an authoritative certification? Yes, The PONY spectrum test is the service network throughout the country's large-scale comprehensive testing organizations, testing reports by the United States, Britain, Germany, more than 70 countries and regions recognized, with international credibility.

Long-term commitment to the Ministry of Agriculture pollution-free agricultural products, green food, geographical indications product testing and testing tasks, as well as food safety, traditional Chinese medicine in the research of harmful substances and other related research projects; to assist food and drug supervision, business sector on the circulation of food safety quality sampling; And long-term commitment to astronaut training center food nutrition and safety testing.

The results show that: 159 energy meal is the international authority of the third party testing agencies - PONY spectrum Nepal test a comprehensive test, the test results This product does not contain any preservatives, no antioxidants, no sweeteners, pesticide residues are not detected. And in accordance with the "40 kinds of essential nutrients, 15 kinds of other important nutrients" international nutrition standards, select five categories of pure plant nuts, seeds, flowers, Gu beans, algae and other 159 species, delicate fragrance, a package that photo Into the earth between 159 kinds of pure plant energy, pregnant women and children can take.