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Product Costs

159meal minimum order is 10 boxes per order (=30 day supply at 3 meals/day)

***$285 plus S&H***

Shipping, Returns and Payments


USPS First Class Package and other options available.


Will usually ship within 3 business day of receiving cleared payment.


Returns within 14 days after the buyer receives it.  Refund/Money Back Return Policy, Buyer pays return shipping. Return policy**Item must remain unopened unused condition**

**Returns may be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Ordering and Payments

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How do I pay/place final order?

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How do I use 159 for weight loss?

Option (1) is on a Monthly Cycle,  Cleanse and/or system detox

Recommended (7 days) meal replacement with 159 for all of your daily meals

5-7 AM take one pack of 159, mix with 200ml (8 oz) of water. Also drink 200 ml of warm water before and after eating the 159 mix.

11AM-1PM take one pack of 159, with 200ml (8 oz) of water before and after as well.

5-7 PM take one pack of 159, with 200ml (8 oz) of water before and after.

Add 1-2 packs of 159 according to hunger level, once a pack; You can also extend the treatment to 14-21 days according to body condition.

Option (2) Use as meal replacement

Use 159 to replace one or two of your regular meal, either breakfast or dinner.  Mix one packet of 159 with 200ml (8 oz) of boiling hot water, stir it thoroughly. Wait 3 minutes for it to cool down and then drink it slowly.

I am a skinny person, Can 159 help me gain weight if I'm skinny? What must I do to gain weight?

159 can also be taken to gain weight, eat 159 after eating normal meals instead of being a meal replacement,  add 159 to your regular meal schedules.  It is very nutritional and will help round out your complete nutritional needs and uptake with other meals as well.

What are the list ingredients of 159?

159 is brand of Healthy Vegetarian Dietary Supplement Food from Zuo Dan Li, a Hong Kong based Company.  159 Vegetarian Dietary Supplement Food - the world's first of its kind made of high nutrition natural organic ingredients , including whole grains , beans , soybeans, various nuts , seeds, mushroom , and flowers . Included more than 30 kinds of herbal medicine source ingredients , such as wolfberry, red dates , honeysuckle , cassia seed , radish seed, pecans , barley , beans and so on .

It's high nutritional supplement fulfills the lack of protein, minerals , trace elements , unsaturated fatty acids from daily diet or other vegetarian diet. It cures the usual problem of eating too much, eating unhealthy, eating not enough nutrition. It also cure unhealthy cell condition , restore cell self-healing power and conditioning sub-health and diseases.